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75% of Fortune 500 companies use the DISC Personal Profiling System®.

DISC® training is used in a wider variety of applications than any other assessment of its type and is ideal for teams or individuals who want a highly practical and intuitive tool to help enhance business performance and relationships. Unlike personality tools DISC® profiling illuminates one’s behavioural preferences, and examines how people behave, communicate and interact.

secondnature’s coaches are DISC® accredited to deliver insights about your team’s personal profile and their communication preferences. DISC® assessment is a simple but powerful tool for use in developing high performing teams, maximising communication effectiveness, improving conflict resolution, driving sales results, and any other training associated with creating effective business relationships.

Key components

  • 1 or 2-day programme for 5-10 people
  • Understanding the DISC® language of behaviour and how it can enhance business relationships and performance
  • Knowing one’s own behavioural drivers, value to the organisation and ideal working environment
  • Analysing one’s communication style (strengths and blind spots), motivations, and preferred management approach
  • Understanding the behavioural, working, and communication styles of others
  • How to adapt one’s behaviour in order to enhance communication, working, and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Harnessing DISC® to increase personal success and that of the team/organisation

Key results

  • Deep appreciation for why people behave, work and communicate differently
  • Dramatically increased ability to relate to and build rapport with others so improving team work and harmony
  • Ability to recognise and harness each person’s unique contribution in order to increase overall team performance
  • How to get your message across to people of different styles and so avoid miscommunication and conflict
  • Ability to flex one’s communication style to build effective relationships
  • Managing people with different DISC® profiles to improve motivation and engagement



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