Engage, Persuade, Influence, Motivate and Inspire Audiences

Each one of our Group Presentation Skills Programmes provides a breakthrough difference in results. They are all highly experiential and intensely practical. As the business presentation skills experts our knowledge and experience means when we train, or coach, we take people further.

The quick facts

  • Nine in-house, private programmes for groups/teams of 3 – 50 business people
  • Tailored workshops to meet your organisation’s specific requirements (at no extra cost)
  • Personalised workshops that meet your people’s individual needs
  • More video-recorded practice than other providers we know
  • More expert individualised feedback advice, guidance, and mentoring
  • Innovative and revolutionary presentation mapper for compelling presentations every time
  • Confidence-boosting learning environment to help propel individual results 
  • 30 days’ post programme coaching support to embed learning outcomes
  • Blended learning bulletins to reinforce workplace skills application 
  • On-line Performance Support Centre to drive lifelong learning

Some more detail

We are a leading UK-based executive training consultancy specialising in transforming the confidence, effectiveness and impact of today’s business presenters. Our programmes offer tailored, world-class group presentation skills training for senior leaders to graduates.

We believe that people’s ability to present well is the key to both their own career success and to their organisation’s success, and that people don’t have to change their personalities to be the presenter they want to be.

We offer the most practical, business-relevant, hands-on workshops available.  It’s why leading businesses trust us to help groups of their people become exceptional presenters.

Participants will learn proven presentation techniques to structure, develop and deliver powerful, professional business presentations that will engage, persuade and motivate any audience. Plus, with secondnature’s unique approach of allowing individuals to embrace their own personality when presenting, our personalised coaching helps everyone develop their own presentation style which enhances their personal brand and contributes to their professional success.

We deliver only in-house, private client presentation skills training programmes so that we can tailor them for your organisation, maintain the highest quality standards, ensure total client commercial confidentiality and provide the maximum amount of real practice time for each and every individual.

We work with many blue-chip organisations and with people of all levels and from all industries. We deliver our transformative training UK-wide.

Our training is best practice, best of breed. It produces amazing results that are a breakthrough for many people – even seasoned presenters! Check out our range of dedicated group presentation skills training programmes (all of which we tailor for your business and personalise for your people) and let secondnature transform your organisation’s presentation skills forever.

Feedback from delighted clients

'Actionable, insightful & enjoyable session which I feel I can really use on a day to day basis – Believe in the hype 😊'.


'Exhilarating and liberating; A presentation journey - you will be much better by the end; Loved it. Best training I've done; I've never had a simple plan that can make significant change like this; The most positive game-changing course I've done'.


'Excellent programme. Empowered the participant to present with confidence'.


'A must! Working to your individual strengths and weaknesses, rather than a prescription makes it incredibly relevant. One of the best courses I have attended'.



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