Learn Effective New Business Pitching Skills

Exceptional pitch and tender skills are a must-have talent for businesses across all industries. Enhancing your new business people’s public speaking skills is essential for delivering engaging, motivating and inspirational new business tender presentations.

Build reputation, build brand, build sales. Our all-inclusive pitch presentation and conference-speaking solutions provide a breakthrough difference in results. They are highly interactive and intensely practical, and we’re there every step of the way to ensure success for you, your team and your organisation.

Our Programmes

  • Pitch-2-Win – A highly-focused workshop designed to help you win more pitches, tenders or contracts using proven techniques to differentiate your offering from your competitors’. Structure the most compelling pitch presentation possible and transform your team’s authority and credibility.
  • Presenting for Applause – For senior professionals,technical subject matter experts or category thought-leaders about to give an important keynote speech this coaching will help you plan your content, practise your delivery and rehearse for your final performance, ensuring you deliver a presentation people will remember.

Courses That Improve New Business Development

  • For individuals to full pitch/tender/bid teams of 10+ people
  • Rehearsing for reality because you won’t get a second chance at winning
  • Tailored workshops to meet your organisation’s specific requirements at no extra cost
  • Personalised workshops that meet your people’s individual needs
  • More video-recorded practice than other providers we know
  • More expert individualised feedback, advice, guidance, and mentoring
  • Innovative and revolutionary structuring tool for compelling presentations every time
  • Confidence-boosting learning environment to help propel individual results
  • 90 days’ post-programme coaching support to embed learning outcomes
  • Blended learning bulletins to reinforce workplace skills application
  • On-line Performance Support Centre to drive lifelong learning

Deliver Inspiring, Effective Sales Pitches & Event Speeches

Our pitching and conference-speaking consulting solutions are renowned as being the most contemporary, personalised and real-world practical programmes available.

You’ll learn the secrets of the most persuasive and inspiring presenters on the planet and you will be coached to develop a truly impactful presentation style that will deliver your message unequivocally and persuasively, building your professional reputation and getting the business the reputation and success it deserves.

World Class Public Speaking Training

With a proven track record across almost all industry sectors including construction, pharmaceutical, FMCG, IT and resources, we deliver our transformative training UK-wide.

Our training is world-class, producing amazing results – for businesses and people – that are a paradigm shift and a breakthrough for many – even those who are seasoned presenters!


Our Consulting Programmes

Beginning-to-end or stage-specific consulting for bid/pitch/tender teams and individuals.

Presenting for Applause – Conference and Special Event Consulting
High-intensity coaching for keynote speakers.

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Feedback from delighted clients

'In more than 20 years in business PITCH2WIN was by far the most outstanding professional development course in which I have had the pleasure of participating'.