limits of persuasion

The Limits of Persuasion

There’s plenty to argue about in the world at the moment. In fact, the abundance of divisive topics, dubious rhetoric, and dumbfounding misinformation that’s made it’s way to headlines tend to inspire apathy rather than action.

Often a thought that crosses the mind of any person arguing is “why don’t they get it?”. After presenting evidence and passionately delivering reasons as to why their thinking is correct, many are left bewildered when they’re met by an unwavering brick wall of disagreement and an opposing point of view.

How do you persuade someone to your way of thinking? What influences someone’s decisions? Surely no one can dispute unrelenting evidence and deny something that the majority interpret as fact? Or can they? Is evidence really enough or is emotion or devotion a factor?  

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Moving while presenting

Why You Need To Move When Presenting

A friend of mine who delivers training regularly at work (let’s call him Mick!) recently told me that he was taken aback during a session when someone in his group asked him to stop moving around so much as they couldn’t concentrate properly.

My friend was confused, as he thought that movement helped with audience engagement. But, in this case, his movement was hindering it. I advised him that he needed to consider MOVEMENT WITH PURPOSE.

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Harness The Power of Pausing

Happy New Year to you all. We hope you enjoyed a very happy Christmas and that you’re buzzing with excitement for the year ahead.

2016 was a busy year for us at secondnature – our business continued to grow, we welcomed Cheryl Brown – a new Senior Consultant to the team, we launched secondnature UK after our success in Australiaand my husband and I moved house 3 times. Needless to say, Christmas came as a very welcome break.

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How To Deliver Engaging Teleconferences & Online Presentations

One of the key elements of a successful presentation is how well the presenter maintains audience engagement. When you’re in the room with your audience, you can use your physical presence to assist in this engagement and deliver a presentation, training session, meeting update or announcement  that is attention grabbing, and attention keeping. If you take away the physical presence though, this task becomes far more challenging. In this post, we’ll explore some critical tips in delivering an engaging and effective teleconference or online presentation.

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Big 5 Speech Questions Answered

Presentation Guru recently released the series ‘The Guru’s Big 5 Questions’ where 30 of the presentation world’s brightest minds each answer, yep you guessed it, 5 questions, regarding their inspiration in the world of crafting and delivering professional presentations. In this post, our Managing Director, Belinda Huckle, joins the conversation and provides an insight into what inspires and challenges her in the industry.

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